Luci's Story - NCSF/KFOC Benefit Auction

We would like to share with our supporters a story about one of the patients at the clinic for which our auction is raising money:

This is Luci.

She is an asthma patient at the Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin’s Clinic in Kenosha – the clinic for which we are raising money during this auction. Luci’s asthma is chronic and her treatment regimen is nonstop.

Today I had the good fortune to meet her mother who shared that Luci is not just a patient at the clinic. She is, at the ripe age of 5, a crusader with vision and a heart well beyond her years. For her 5th birthday she decided she did not need any presents and would instead like all her friends and family to help her raise money for the other pediatric asthma patients in our area.

I’d like to step aside and share the next part of the story in the words of her mother:

How the birthday donation came to life…

One day last October we were sitting in one of the Children’s hospital clinic waiting rooms. Luci looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said “Mommy, I want to do something.” I said “OK, what would you like to do?” I was thinking she wanted to play a game or read a book while waiting.  Boy was I wrong!  She said “ I want to help boys and girls.” I asked “with what?” “I want to help them breathe better.” I asked “how will you do this?” She replied “I want to raise money starting with my 5th birthday money.” I said that would be very nice of her. I asked her “how will donating your birthday money help boys and girls breathe better?” She looked up at me as if she couldn’t believe what I just asked her and replied“ Really! Mom, my birthday money will help buy the chambers we need to get our medicine into our lungs.” I said “Oh I see!”

Thus began the quest of making Luci’s idea a reality. Her mother contacted folks at the CHW Kenosha clinic who, impressed by Luci and her generosity put her in touch with the Kenosha County Asthma Coalition. They had never encountered a child with an idea like this before – someone so young and so determined to help other kids. Even at her tender age Luci understood that many children in her community could not afford to purchase the chamber they needed to fit their inhaler into, or might not have health insurance that covered it. And she also understood this would mean the other kids were not getting the full benefit of their medication.

In the time leading up to her birthday Luci saved a shoe box. She painted and decorated it with stickers from her doctor's office visits. (She had plenty of stickers from her many appointments.) Once she finished decorating her box she asked for help writing her message.  Her mother asked what she wanted to say and wrote it on the box in pencil. Luci then traced over it in marker. 

Next they worked on the party invitations which read:

Luci has a special wish. In place of birthday gifts she would like to have money donated to the Kenosha County Asthma coalition.”

The party came.  All of her guests gave very nice donations and Luci raised $100.00 dollars for her cause! She and her parents met with the Kenosha/Racine County Asthma coalition on Jan. 8th 2014 to hand in her donations. Since that time Luci has had many other ideas to help her fellow sufferers and, with her parents, is working on community initiatives to improve air quality for asthma sufferers of all ages.

Luci is just one of the children who will be helped by the National Cartoonists Society Foundation/Kenosha Festival of Cartooning art auction. It is easy to assume that hospitals and clinics have all the resources they need to meet the needs of their patients. Stories like Luci’s remind us that it is often more complicated than that and these young patients need all the help they can get.

Please be generous with your purchase of the art in our auction and remember that, even if you don’t see anything in your budget but wish to support the auction, you can make a donation of any amount and select “no perk”.

Click here to support the clinic via our art auction site.

Festival Schedule - Each Day

The Festival is less than 1 week away! We kick things off Thursday, September 25th and Finish off on Saturday September 27th.

Events on Thursday take place at the Rita Talent Picken Center For The Arts on the campus of the University of Wisconsin Parkside. For a detailed schedule of the Thursday events click here.

Events on Friday take place at the Kenosha Public Museum. For a detailed schedule of the Friday events events click here.

Events on Saturday take place at the Kenosha Public Museum. For a detailed schedule of the Saturday events events click here.

NSCF/KFOC Auction - New Items Listed!

The auction is going great!!

We mentioned that, since we can only offer 20 items at a time on Indiegogo, we would be rotating items in and out.

Any item that does not sell within 3 days of posting will be rotated out and replaced by another item. We rotated several items out today and replaced them so head over and check out what's new! We will be swapping more items tomorrow so if you have been sitting on your hands on an item from the past two days don't delay - by tomorrow all the items will be new!

Items that have been pulled may make their way back into the rotation before September 25th depending on how quickly other items sell out.

Visit the auction by clicking here.

Starting Off With A Bang!

Our auction to benefit children's charities in Kenosha has started off with a bang! Thanks to generous bidders we have already raised $4925!

The following items have sold:
  • Bill Watterson Package
  • Wiley Miller Hand Colored Sunday Non Sequitur
  • Sergio Aragones Sketch
  • Edwina Dumm Cap Stubbs and Tippie - both strips
  • Bud Blake Tiger
  • Dave Coverly Speed Bump
  • Robert Crumb Coffee Table Book  w signed serigraph

In their place we have added:
  • Bill Morrison signed Simpsons Radioactive Man  book Comic Con special edition
  • Isabella Bannerman Six Chix Daily strip
  • Bil and Jef Keane 2009 Family Circus Daily
  • Dale Messick 1946 Brenda Starr
  • Eddie Pittman Phineas and Ferb sketch
  • Hilary Price Rhymes With Orange Daily panel
  • Tom Richmond MAD Stuporman Returns

Thanks to all our donors so far!  There are still a lot of great items so head over and grab yours today!         

Online Phase of Charity Auction To Launch Today!

The online phase of the NCSF/KFOC auction to benefit children's charities in Kenosha launches today at 11:00 CST.

We will post the link here when the auction is live!


The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning is THRILLED to announce that among the items we are offering in the National Cartoonists Society Foundation Benefit Auction is a RARE signed print of the last Calvin & Hobbes strip!

When Bill Watterson retired in 1995 his syndicate, Universal Press, made a limited number of prints of the December 31, 1995 Sunday strip to be given to newspaper editors as a "thank you" for running Calvin & Hobbes. Bill signed these prints personally. Unlike other "signed Watterson" items you might find running around on the internet, this print was donated to the auction directly by Universal Uclick, Watterson's syndicate. Straight from the horse's mouth as it were.

Included with the print, which is matted but not framed, will be the three volume set of the complete Calvin & Hobbes, still in its shrink wrap. The print and the books would make a FABULOUS Christmas gift for the Calvin lover in your life! Full details of pricing and item description will be posted Friday September 12 2014 with the other items up for bidding.

We understand Bill Watterson's frustration with the ebay sales of his signed books, something he never intended would come of his generosity in signing the books, but we hope that he would approve our offering of the print for children's charities in Kenosha.

A HUGE "Thank You!" to John Glynn for supporting the National Cartoonists Society Foundation's auction and the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning with this amazing item.

Festival Director on Tall Tale Radio!

Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio was kind enough to interview festival director Anne Morse Hambrock - listen here for exciting news about the festival auction!

Todd Clark - Kenosha Festival of Cartooning Guest Speaker For 2014

Todd Clark has been drawing for as long as he can remember, probably the result of carrying a copy of MAD magazine with him at all times as a child…and then later as an adult.

 Since he began cartooning full-time in 1990, his cartoons have appeared in magazines ranging from Saturday Evening Post to Diversion to Disney Adventures. He’s recently begun selling regularly to the aforementioned MAD, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Besides full-time duties on his own syndicated comic of 15 years, LOLA, Clark also writes jokes for some heavyweight strips including Sherman’s Lagoon, Mother Goose and Grimm, Tundra, B.C., Wizard of ID, Baby Blues, Zits and Frank and Ernest, and has in the past contributed on Bizarro and Dennis the Menace. His first illustrated novel for children, The Ice Cream Kid, is due out next May, published by Universal’s AMP! Books For Kids.

Todd lives in Boise with his beautiful wife, Kelly, and youngest daughter, Rhiannon. Eldest daughter, Holly, has recently flown the coop. In his spare time, Todd enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

National Cartoonists Society Foundation Charity Auction

The National Cartoonists Society Foundation and the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning are passionate about supporting children’s charities. As part of festival 2014 we are raising money for Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin’s Kenosha Clinic and Open Wings – a learning community for children with autism and other learning challenges.

The benefit auction includes original cartoon art, illustrations and collectible ephemera and will happen in two phases:

Online bidding at “buy it now” prices only
  • ·      When: From September 13-25 2014
  • ·      Where: On Indiegogo
  • ·      How: Items will be listed as “perks” at their “buy it now” price

o   To claim and item select your “perk” and pay via paypal or credit card
o   Only 20 items can be listed at a time so items will be rotated over the course of the 12 days of the online auction
o   Any item unclaimed for more than 3 days will be rotated out – it may come back later but don’t take this for granted
o   All unclaimed items will then go to live auction September 27 2014

Live Silent Auction/Reception
  • ·      When: Saturday, September 27 2014 6:00-8:00 pm
  • ·      Where: Kenosha Public Museum 5500 1st Avenue Kenosha WI 
  • ·      How: Items unsold online will be up for bidding at the museum using the silent auction format. “Buy It Now” prices will remain the same as they were during the online auction but lower bid amounts will also be an option. Payment will be due for all items AT the auction.
o   There will be many items of ephemera that will ONLY be at the live auction
o   There is no admission charge to the auction BUT ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED at
o   Admission includes a 1 beer or wine ticket and there will be a catered reception with live music by the Dave Braun Trio

 We have some AMAZING items and all the money is going to a good cause! We ask that you remember these items are being sold for charity -this is not the sort of auction where you will "get a deal" but you will raise money for two great children's charities in Kenosha.

Tickets for Lincoln Peirce

The presentation by Lincoln Peirce is free and open to the public but seating is limited to 175.

As a result we will be admitting the audience using free tickets available at

Once you have registered, your tickets will be set aside at the Kenosha Public Museum at the festival "will call" table.

Please limit your tickets to 4 tickets per request.

Time: 12:30 pm
Location: Kenosha Public Museum DaimlerChrysler Hall
Admission: Free but registration required

New Panel Discussion Added To Thursday Festival Events!

The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning is pleased to announce a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin's Library. The Library is kicking off a Big Read of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury on Wednesday September 24th and Thursday September 25th. 
As a result of this event, the UW Parkside Art Galleries are adding original art by Tim Hamilton from the graphic novel version of Fahrenheit 451 and the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning will include Mr. Hamilton on a newly added panel discussion Thursday September 25th.
The Big Read launch of Ray Bradbury's novel about burning books coincides with Banned Books Week and fits very well with the discussion of underground comics and censorship that will be generated by the gallery show "The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen so we at the festival are very excited to offer this extra discussion and welcome Mr. Hamilton to the festival!
Freedom Of Expression: The "Subversiveness" Of Comics, The Comics Code and Banning Books 
A discussion on the role of cartoon art in the battle for freedom of speech.
  • Denis Kitchen – independent publisher of underground comics, comics scholar, and founder of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
  • Scott Stantis – former president of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists
  • Tim Hamilton – graphic novelist of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
  • Paul Buhle – comic historian
  • George Hagenuer – cartoon art collector and comic historian
Moderator: Doug Singsen – Art history professor at UW Parkside
  • Time: 2:00-3:30
  • Location: UW-Parkside. Rita Tallent Picken Center For The Arts

Scott Stantis - Kenosha Festival of Cartooning Guest Speaker For 2014

Scott Stantis joined the staff of the Chicago Tribune in 2009. Completing a sojourn that began at his birth in Kennedy era San Diego to a Chicago native television executive and a former concert pianist. His Mad Men childhood consisted of learning to make cocktails for his parents and their friends as well as junior and senior High school in Madison, Wisconsin.

Returning to California in the late 70’s in time for the AIDS outbreak Scott attended college where, as a pre-law major, he fell in love with cartooning and his wife.

Since then Scott has worked at numerous newspapers, (like The Orange County Register, The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee, The Arizona Republic and The Birmingham News), and created a trio of internationally syndicated comic strips. (The middle one, The Buckets, had a gag chosen as one of the funniest cartoons of the century).

Scott’s editorial cartoons are syndicated to over 400 newspapers around the world. They have appeared in such varied places as Newsweek, US News and World Reports, Nightline and Guns & Ammo.

His current comic strip, Prickly City, was launched in 2004 and appears in over 120 newspapers.

He has homes in Chicago and Birmingham, Alabama. He is still married to his college sweetheart and they have two grown boys.

Historic Animation On Display!!

Historic Animation Restored and On Display at The Kenosha Public Museum.
As part of the gallery show “More Than Funny 2” the museum is pleased to present the first showing in 99 years of “The Stolen Dream” by Andy Hettinger.
100 years ago Chicago was a major center for the invention of animated films. The first series of cartoons to feature a recurring character was not Mickey Mouse or Felix the Cat but a character called “Old Doc Yak”. Based on a Chicago Tribune comic strip by Wisconsin cartoonist Sydney Smith (best known for his other comic strip “The Gumps”) Old Doc Yak was featured in 18 animated films.
Andy Hettinger was a talented cartoonist working in Chicago shortly after the turn of the Twentieth Century who assisted Smith on some of the Doc Yak animations. Hettinger also produced two animations of his own based on his Amos Roach comic – a strip that ran in the McHenry Illinois Plain Dealer.
All of the films were animated on paper, a process that was also being used by New York Animator J.R. Bray. Bray obtained a patent for the process and all other animators were ordered to destroy their films. It is believed that all of the Chicago animations produced before 1915 were destroyed due to this patent fight.
Hettinger died tragically from septicemia in 1916 and, as a result, the drawings for his animation “The Stolen Dream” escaped destruction. The images for 7.5 minutes of this film survived, along with the art for both of his cartoons. All of which were obtained by collector George Hagenauer. George is working to restore both of Hettinger’s films from the existing art and hopes to have them completed by the film’s 100th anniversary in 2015.

Hotels in Kenosha

Below is a list of hotels in the Kenosha area - click on the hotel name to link to their site. 

The Best Western Harborside is approximately one minute from the Kenosha Public Museum, 5 minutes from Carthage College and 10 minutes from UW Parkside.

All other hotels are out by I 94 and are 15-20 minutes from the events.

Best Western Kenosha, Harborside  - newly renovated in 2014

Radisson Pleasant Prairie (next to the outlet malls)

Rick Stromoski - Festival Guest Speaker for 2014

Rick’s cartoons and humorous illustrations appear in Magazines, Children’s and Humor books,
National Advertising, Licensed Products and Network Television.
His nationally syndicated newspaper comic strip, Soup to Nutz, has appeared
in over 150 newspapers since 2000. He has been nominated for his illustration work
by the National Cartoonists Society thirteen times and has been awarded
the Reuben Division Award for Best Artist on three occasions.

Rick has illustrated childrens books for Macmillan, Harcourt Brace, 
Candlewick Press, Macgraw-Hill, Random House, Scholastic, Golden Books, 
Contemporary Books, Irena Chalmers Publishing, Workman and Andrews Mcmeel.

His hundreds of greeting card designs have been sold in the lines of Recycled paper greetings.
Renaissance cards, Marian Heath Greetings, Design Design, Paramount and West Graphics.

He is also an award winning amateur wine maker specializing in German varietals
winning medals in local, regional and national competitions.

Rick is a past President of the National Cartoonists Society as well as a member of the Society of Illustrators.

He lives in the historic district of Suffield CT with his wife Danna and
their dogs Lucy and  Rascal and fighting cats , Sox and Shoes.

Extra Festival Website

For now we are keeping this, the official website of the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning.

  • A) We have the domain name pointed here
  • B) People have it bookmarked and can find it easily
  • C) It is an easy site from which to do social media sharing
  • D) We have our funding button all set up here and it is easy to make a donation.
BUT there are some ways in which this site is limited, especially the number of stand alone pages we can publish.

So we have created a support site to handle some of the overflow. You can access the new site either by clicking here or clicking on any of the guest speaker pictures in the right hand sidebar.

If, after you have visited the other site, you wish to come back to this one, click on either the giant festival logo or the header "News".

Opening This Weekend - Our Second Gallery Show!

Kenosha, WI (July 29, 2014) – “The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen” is a new art exhibit featuring more than 60 pieces of original comic art by Denis Kitchen, Robert Crumb, Al Capp and Will Eisner. The exhibit will run in the Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside from August 1st through October 10th. There will be a catered reception, as well as presentations by artist Denis Kitchen and author Michael Schumacher, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 25th as the opening event of the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning.
Racine native Denis Kitchen is both a renowned publisher of underground comics, via his company “Kitchen Sink Press”, and an established artist in his own right. A tireless champion of creator’s rights, Mr. Kitchen is also the founder of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. As a partner in “Kitchen, Lind & Associates” he acts as both an agent and book packager for the Estates of Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner and Al Capp to name just a few. Also a prolific author and editor, he partnered with Kenosha author Michael Schumacher on the critically acclaimed biography of Al Capp “Al Capp: A Life To the Contrary.”
This exhibit focuses not only on the art of Denis Kitchen but also features work by perhaps one of his most renowned fellow underground comic artists, Robert Crumb. Al Capp is also represented, due to Kitchen’s involvement with the Capp Estate and his authorship of the Capp biography. Finally, the work of Will Eisner is represented in recognition of both Eisner’s iconic stature in the world of comics and also the fact that he too has been the subject of a biography by author Michael Schumacher – “Will Eisner: A Dreamer’s Life in Comics”.
Conceived by UW Parkside Gallery Director Amy Misurelli Sorensen and Kenosha Festival of Cartooning Director Anne Morse Hambrock, the exhibit presents three distinctive, but related, fields of graphic narrative and humorous illustration: Syndicated newspaper comics, Graphic Memoir, and Underground Comics. Each of the artists represented in this exhibit had their own singular experiences with censorship and freedom of expression, a theme that unifies them despite their various styles and the differing constraints of the businesses that published their work.
The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning
“The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen” is presented at the Parkside Fine Arts Gallery in partnership with the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning. The Festival, founded in 2011 by Anne Morse-Hambrock, is a three day event which includes gallery shows of original comic art, presentations and panel discussions by renowned professional cartoonists, outreach to local schools, and a charity auction of original comic art and ephemera. Events take place primarily at the University of Wisconsin’s Parkside Campus and the Kenosha Public Museum (also currently host to a fabulous show of original cartoon art).  A full list of festival guest speakers, and the events open to the public, can be found at All Kenosha Festival of Cartooning events are free and open to the public.
UW-Parkside Galleries At The Rita
The Rita is home to three new art galleries, each featuring unique and distinctive exhibitions that showcase the artistic talents of nationally and regionally recognized fine artists as well as emerging new artists.
The Fine Arts Gallery is our largest gallery, with nearly 4,000 square feet of exhibition space that showcases diverse works by professional artists throughout the nation. The Emile H. Mathis Gallery is home to exhibits that feature outstanding regional artists from southeastern Wisconsin. The UW-Parkside Foundation Gallery features the new and sometimes provocative work of emerging student and professional artists.
UW-Parkside galleries are free and open to the public.  Summer gallery hours are 9 a.m. to noon. Monday through Friday, or by appointment.  School-year hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Galleries are also open 30 minutes prior to the beginning of music and theatre events at The Rita.  For an appointment or detailed information, please contact 262-595-2342
Parking passes are required Monday through Friday until 6:30 p.m. for all non-metered parking spots. A limited number of metered spaces are available in Lots B and C for the cost of twenty-five cents for fifteen minutes.  Due to construction on Wood Road, patrons should access The Rita parking area using County Highway JR from County Highway E or State Highway 31.

Contact:                                                                                                                                             Amy Misurelli Sorensen 262.595.2342,
Anne Morse Hambrock 

Artist Booths At Kenosha's Outdoor Harbormarket

The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning is not a comic con  - which means that we don't have an "Artists Alley". We don't provide space for tables for comic artists to display and sell their wares.


We have contacted the Kenosha Harbormarket and they have agreed to make room for 6 artist tables at the outdoor market on the Saturday of the Festival.

Thousands of tourists attend this market every Saturday and it is adjacent to the Kenosha Public Museum where all the Saturday Festival of Cartooning events take place.

We, the festival, do not plan to rent any tables but interested artists are welcome to contact the market and make arrangements to rent a booth. Please be prepared to meet their booth set-up requirements and be aware that this venue is OUTDOORS. We cannot guarantee sheltered indoor space if there is bad weather. Fortunately the weather tends to be beautiful in Kenosha at the end of September.

Date: Saturday, September 27th 2014
Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location: 5500 2nd Ave Kenosha WI
Availability: First Come, First Served

For information on Harbormarket fees and policies, and to register, visit their website:

NEWSFLASH!! Portfolio Reviews With Amy Lago!

Amy Lago, Comics Editor of the Washington Post Writer's Group (the syndicate behind the successful comic strips Bloom County, Pickles, and Candorville) has graciously offered to come to the 2014 Kenosha Festival of Cartooning to do portfolio reviews for aspiring professional cartoonists!

What makes a great syndicated comic? What are Editors looking for? How does the syndicate sales team fit in? Amy Lago is one of the best editors in the business and can answer these questions and help artists take their comic vision to the next level.

This is an incredible opportunity for artists who wish to pursue syndication! Or simply improve their overall comic work.

Spots are limited - only 9 are available! First Come, First Served!

  • Time: Sessions will be scheduled from 1-3 pm Friday, September 26 2014
  • Duration: 15 minute review
  • Location: Studio of John Hambrock Kenosha Wisconsin (details provided after registration)
  • Fee: $50 payable via this website's paypal link (must register FIRST) or by check made out to: Kenosha Festival of Cartooning 
  • Registration: Register by email at
The funds raised by these reviews will be split between the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning's operating budget and the beneficiaries of the NCSF Charity Auction

To register, or for more information, contact us at 

Peek at KPM Show More Than Funny Too!

One of our official shows of original cartoon art is already on display at the Kenosha Public Museum in a show titled "More Than Funny Too"

With over 100 pieces of comic art spanning over 100 years it is an incredible show! We have been given permission to share a few photos from the exhibit to pique your interest and get you down to the museum to see the art in person.
  • Kenosha Public Museum
  • 5500 1st Avenue Kenosha Ave
  • Hours: 10-5 Monday -Saturday 12-5 on Sunday
  • Admission: Free
Note: Photography is prohibited in the museum, especially flash photography. These photos taken without flash were permitted by the museum staff for publicity purposes only. Due to the fragile nature of many of the items they are being displayed in low light. As a result these photos are not crisp. All the more reason to see them in person!!

MAD magazine classic art by Wally Wood 1959

MAD magazine classic art by Will Elder 1955

MAD magazine classic art by Bob Clark 1960

Comic Test for "Planet" by Frank Frazetta - unpublished - 1944 

Painting for Comic Cover "Nexus" by Steve Rude 1994

Comic interior "Hulk" by Bill Sienkewicz 1979

"Hawkman" comic interior 1963 and "Tarzan" splash page 1976 by Joe Kubert 

Comic panel by Jules Feiffer "Hold Up" 1955

Buster Brown Sunday Strip by Winsor McCay 1908 (from the period when he was hired to ghost the feature) This piece is in a protective case and can only be seen without reflections of the other art if you visit in person!

Sunday "Prince Valiant" by Hal Foster 1958. This piece is in a protective case and can only be seen without reflections of the other art if you visit in person!

Another view of the show.

There are so many more great pieces including work by our guest speakers, MAD magazine artists, comic book artists, and iconic newspaper artists! For a complete list of featured artists click here.

Don't miss this!!